Single-phase meter WSZ12D/60D


  • Modular device for DIN-EN 60715 TH35.
  • It measures active energy by means of the current between input and output.
  • Using LCD display, low power consumption.
  • The display then shows the total active energy per tariff, the active energy of the resettable memory RS1 or RS2 as well as the instantaneous values of consumption, voltage and current per phase.
  • Pulse interface S0 according to DIN EN 62053-31,potential free by opto-coupler.
  • The 7 segment LCD display is also legible twice within a period of 2 weeks without power supply.
  • When the phase conductor is missing or the current direction is wrong ‘false’ and the corresponding phase conductor are indicated on the display.
  • Power consumption is shown by a bar flashing at a rate of 1000 times per kWh.
  • Designed as standard for using as double-tariff meter: Switch over to a second tariff by applying 230V to terminals E1/E2

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