Speech contest regarding Olympic

On August 17, 2012 afternoon 18:10, developed final lecture with the theme of < what do you think of the Olympic Medals>, there are 3 people into the final round, this speech was designed to enhance and stimulate the expression skill of development and technical staffs, but also made the speech time limitation, each person’s minimum speech time is 5 minutes, maximum 8 minutes, there are five referee, Xiaoshan Lee as the scorekeeper.

From their speech, we can seen they did adequate preparation before the contest, they both have talked about the positive significance that Olympic gold medal brings to our country, the farther of modern Olympic Sir Coubertin advocated “faster, higher, stronger” , is exactly the spirit we want to abide by at our career, we should transform enthusiastic emotional cry into constant rational action. The most noteworthy is that most of the speech have talked about the “spirit of solidarity”, they talked about: “ the collective honor is more important than personal interests”, “work in conjunction with personal strengths, division of labor, enhanced teamwork, etc…”, from these simple contents, we can see the engineers’ collective sense of honor and enthusiastic spoirit. Although the London Olympic was ended, but the Olympic spirit will not disappear, it will be forever in our hearts, and to play a constructive and positive role.

Finally, the electronic department engineer Gang Lee won the championship of the contest, and also very grateful to other competitors who brought us wonderful speech.

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