Sincerely look forward to your participation!

Company also made a series of care projects except provide considerable salary, from providing basic demands to personal development prospect, more important is to provide guarantee and safety,hope employees can devote themselves to work and open up personal career prospect under such environments. The company will provide the following benefits:
Paid holidays: national legal holiday, marriage leave, maternity leave and labor law stipulated paid holiday, paid annual leave and other paid holidays.
Provide good dormitory environment, supporting air conditioner, water heater, etc.
Provide good leisure stages: basketball court, table tennis room, dancing room, snooker room, etc.
Company has own dining room, guarantee food security.
Company organize travel, recreation and sports competitiom and other activities occasionally, every company official staffs are free to enjoy them.

software engineer

we need to find software engineers to cooperate in the development of electricity meters.We want you:

1、Familiar with CLanguage ;
2、Electric Meters development experience;
3、Can cooperate with the completion of the company's work arrangement.

If you are interested, please contact us.