Shenzhen ChuangRen Technology Co., Ltd.

In June 2004, Shenzhen ChuangRen Technology Co., Ltd. was set up in Shenzhen by our founder Mr. Li. Since its establishment, combined Mr. Li's traditional Chinese thinking of PEOPLE FIRST with German rigorous and exquisite manufacturing quality requirements, She has been always acting in the market and industry with law-biding, reliable, controllable and traceable characters which well-known by her customers, suppliers and employees. Currently she has four buildings as an independent park with 180 employees,to provide professional and high quality electronics ODM service, LED driver, LED tubes, energy meters and related electronics products.

Supporting customer's success is base point we have kept practicing firmly. ChuangRen builds its core competitiveness of TECHNOLOGY FIRST and RESPONSE FAST to support customer's success never stop. Based in Shenzhen, we offer services to the world.

Love China, Love ChuangRen, and All Win-win teaches ChuangRen people to survive acting as socially respectful people. Harmonious and win-win is the business philosophy of ChuangRen and interests of all parties coexist cooperation. Insisting on producing High Performance Cost Ratio products but refusing unreasonable margin profit, insisting on reliable and law-biding but refusing to lose our respects, insisting on supporting three parties’ happiness of customer, ChuangRen and her employees, we must try our best to build up our happy yard named ChuangRen all together.

● Love motherland  ● Love company  ● Win-win with harmony